Traditional and digital artwork for film and entertainment advertising.


'An Illustration studio focused on creating imagery that holds the spirit of yesteryear for the audience of today’

In case there was any doubt, Illustrator Paul Shipper is the 'PS' in PS STUDIO, a traditional and digital illustration art house with a strong aim at creating long lasting imagery for the film and entertainment advertising agencies, the studios behind them and the production of original and limited edition works for collectors and fans alike.

Inspired from a very young age by the one sheets that hung in the cinema lobby and on his bedroom walls, Paul fell in love with the craft and beauty of the illustrated film poster. He has since devoted himself to creating film poster art on a self proclaimed mission to bring the beloved 'old school' illustrated movie poster back to the cinema... and beyond!

While remaining constant to his 'retro' vision, Paul's work has a modern appeal which proves fruitful for his growing client base. Embracing digital painting with his traditional art background is just one example of his ability to use the tools and delivery methods of today, while staying true to the traditional aesthetic he holds so close to his heart.

Paul's illustrations have been appreciated and praised by key players within the film industry, including J.J. Abrams, Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, Tom Hanks, Tom Tykwer and the Wachowski's. 

Notably, one of Paul's illustrated posters was awarded Silver at the prestigious 2014  Key Art Awards in Hollywood.

Original art and prints of his work have been displayed in galleries in around the world. Prints are available direct from the gallery websites and the PS STUDIO online shop HOLY SHIP!

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Like many film fans I miss actual art on film posters and Paul Shipper’s genius work is precisely what’s missing. I CAN HAPPILY CALL THIS MY FAVOURITE ‘WORLD’S END’ POSTER.
— Edgar Wright, Director
Paul, your work is, in a beautifully profound old-fashioned way, full of love for the medium and its representation. Masterfully executed, thoughtful and atmospheric. Thank you!
— Tom Tykwer, Director, 'Cloud Atlas'
Paul, Thanks so much for your awesome Star Trek Posters. Your Work is Most Excellent!
— J.J. Abrams, Director
Paul is a pleasure to work with and a consumate professional- but by far what speaks most to his tremendous ability as an artist is his beautiful and incredible work. He’s a rare and impressive talent.
— Daryl Goldberg, Film Director
Great work on the new SQUIRM cover art, a spot on retro comic book take, it’s a perfect compliment to the movie inside!
— Jeff Lieberman, Writer/Director of ‘Squirm’
His ability to capture the likenesses of the characters he illustrates, and a timeless, nostalgic feel that instantly transports viewers to the worlds he portrays is what separates Paul from all other illustrators I work with.
— Adam Smasher, Hero Complex Gallery
In the words of William Shakespeare, oh my fucking giddy god!
— Simon Pegg

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